The Complete Best SEO Checklist For All Bloggers

I will tell you such SEO Checklist which you can improve the SEO of your blog and increase the ranking of your blog better.

If you want to know how to bring maximum traffic to your blog. this article is necessary for you, let me tell you all those Best SEO Checklists.

The Complete Best SEO Checklist

If you want to improve the ranking of your blog and bring the article to the first page of Google, then you have to read all these SEO Checklist very carefully. After that, all these have to be implemented properly in your blog. The search engine will be able to index and crawl your blog properly.

1. Check Website Indexing

First of all, you should check the indexing of your website because many times, Google crawlers are unable to crawl some pages of your site properly. So if those pages do not rank on Google, then they get blocked, which is a bad effect on your ranking.

In Google search console, there is coverage page under show valid page which links index properly.

To check all these URLs, then go to Google Search Console and login after that go to Coverage option and click on Valid option.

Here you see URLs that you submitted to google and indexed in google

Now here, you will see the index URL that you submitted to Google.

After that you will see indexed, not submitted in sitemap here, this is the URL that is not submitted in Google, but Google's crawler has indexed that URL.

After that you will see indexed, not submitted in sitemap here, this is the URL that is not submitted in Google, but Google’s crawler has indexed that URL.

In this page, you see an unknown link that does not exist in your links that links you can remove in removals option

If you see different types of URL like this “”, it directly affects the SEO of your website. So you can look at these URLs and go to the removals option in the search console and remove them. I did not have any error so that there is no error show.

2. Check Crawl Error

In this image shows crawl-error which error show you make sure you fix it otherwise your site go down in ranking on google.

Go to Coverage in Google Search Console and check your website once in Crawl-Error, so that you can find out all the problems of your website on time, which will not affect your website ranking and if you see any error on your coverage, make sure to fix it so that there is no further problem in your website.

3. Optimize Robots.txt File

Make sure you must create robots.txt file because google doesn't know which links crawl or not. The robots.txt file disallows or allows to index links.

The robots.txt file plays a very important role in indexing and crawling your website, so optimize your robots.txt file properly. If you are on WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin they make this file automatic.

4. Must install SSL Certificate in the website

Must use SSL Certificate (HTTPS) on your website. All the users who come to your blog have confidence in your website that any information from their website will be safe.

Google has also called SSL, i.e. HTTPS as a website ranking factor, so always our website should use it.

Nowaday all most hosting Providers gives you free SSL Certificate. So you can buy that hosting they provide you with an SSL Certificate.

5. Make your website loading speed.

Many bloggers will know that the most important things are website speed in website ranking. If your website takes a lot of time to open, then you must pay attention to your website loading speed first.

Because if your website does not load quickly, the users get upset and they will go back from your website. Which the negative signal will go to Google that the user is not satisfied with your article, and your ranking will fall.

Some Points that Quick Improve Website Speed:-

  • Use Lightweight Theme.
  • Use WP Rocket (Recommended).
  • Remove Ads in Website Homepage.
  • Optimization Image with Plugin or outsource.
  • Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin or themes.
  • Don’t use more Plugin. (use only required Plugin and Delete useless Plugin).

6. Image Optimization

To improve the speed of your website, optimize all the images on your website. You can use the WP Smush WordPress plugin, and this plugin will resize the images of each of your blogs. Your website’s loading speed has become much better. You can also use some website or software to compress your image.

7. Fix Broken URLs

Broken URLs are URLs whose links to the post or article, i.e. the URL is a change or the article was deleted. If any internal or external link is linked to your website, then it is called a broken link.

And you have to find similar broken-links in your website, with the help of Broken Link Checker plugin, you can also find or fix the broken link at any time.

8. manually URL inspection

Make sure you index you URLs manually because that article gets indexed in google as soon a possible. You can index URLs under URL inspection in google webmaster.

It is very important to inspect your URL to index your article quickly. Some times google crawlers are unable to index and crawl your blog properly that your article does not perform Google search results correctly.

Therefore, always go to Google search console for each of your articles and pages Inspection manually. And make sure to import URLs so that your article gets indexed in Google as soon as possible.

9. Canonical Tag

Canonical Tag published on your blog prevents duplication of similar content which makes it very easy for Google to understand. If you use WordPress, then Yoast SEO plugin puts automatic canonical-tag in it, so that you Duplicate content is save. If a canonical tag is not there, then it affects your website ranking.

10. Focus on Blog Commenting

It’s a very important thing, and people often have more spam-score websites. And they use your website to make backlinks and if you approve that comment without seeing that user’s website.

With this, any user who visits your website with much spam-score website will get a no-follow backlink from your website. Still, it will give a bad effect in ranking from SEO point of view on your blog.

So we always look at each comment carefully and then go and approve that comment.

conclusion on SEO Checklist

Some of the best SEO Checklist, which is very important to know a new blogger. Because initially we do not know all these things and we keep making such mistakes that would have a bad effect on our website.

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